What have we done to your grandfather’s Sousa?


Brings the “March King” into the 21st century!


Haitian rhythm,

new harmonies,

and a whole lotta’ fun!

New-Trad Octet

Jeff Newell’s

“Start & Stripes Forever”

Hear our exciting new arrangements of the music of John Philip Sousa, the most popular American musician at the turn-of-the-20th-century.  His music from the early days of American life is given a brand new sound with the joyful rhythms of modern Haitian "Kompa" and other Caribbean styles.  This century-wide connection ties modern American culture, with its many Caribbean influences, to a time when concerts in the town square or city park were the focal point of social and cultural life for many Americans.

We’ve brought this exciting sound to venues around the country!

In fact, one July 4, we presented the event from the top of Bargemusic—Brooklyn’s premier chamber music venue located on a 19th-Century coffee barge—for thousands of people waiting for the Macy’s fireworks at the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was an amazing experience for everyone.

Let us bring this exciting vision of

Historic American Music to you !

The Washington Post